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Rental Information

Instrumental Music for Grades 4 and 5, 2023-24

Warren Township Schools, Warren, NJ

A high-quality instrument is the key to success for beginners. Warren Township works with Elefante Music to provide quality instruments for rental. Renting is your family’s best option: the cost is reasonable and the instrument will be delivered to your child’s school in the fall. Elefante guarantees quality, provides free repairs at school, and makes it easy to switch if your child wants to try another instrument. We do not allow students to use low-quality instruments, such as those found at on-line retailers such as Amazon. These instruments lead to frustration because they are unplayable, even at a beginning level.

You must use the Warren Township District codes when placing your order with Elefante Music. Using these codes ensures you will get our district discount and the necessary lesson books.


FULL SCHOOL YEAR RENTAL (recommended): 304722023

5 Months: 3047220235

The Elefante Music website is here: Elefante Music - Instruments and Rental Forms

The website includes a series of instrument demonstration videos to help your child choose. Please take a few minutes to view the videos so you and your child can make the best choice. A list of instruments that we offer is below.

Thank you! Please email with any questions:


Mark Weber, Instrumental Music Teacher, Central and Mt. Horeb Schools


Instruments Offered In Grades 4 and 5

Warren Township Schools






Percussion: Students study several members of the percussion family (scroll down)



Note: We do not offer piano or guitar as part of our program. Students have the option to switch to oboe, French horn, tuba, tenor saxophone, bassoon, or double bass in 6th Grade.