Grade 8 White Team Websites

Team White Calendar
This calendar displays major projects, major quizzes and tests for white team students.
Important Return to School Information
Hello! This page includes a video made by the White team teachers, as well as the slides shown in the video.
Back to School Night Info
This page includes back-to-school night information.
Assigned and Late Work Policy
This is the 8th grade team's policy on assignments and late work.

Grade 8 White Team Members

Name Subject Email Website Extension
Mrs. Albanese Grade 8 Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6046
Mrs. Brown Grade 8 Science Email Webpage Phone6066
Mrs. Cirrotti Grade 8 Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6044
Dr. Cooper E2 Email Webpage Phone6055
Mrs. Degen 8 - Social Studies Email Webpage Phone6074
Ms. Hunt 8 - Algebra Email Webpage Phone6067
Mr. Rizzoli Grade 8 Science Email Webpage Phone6517