Grade 8 Blue Team Websites

Blue Team Calendar
Calendar of events, tests, and quizzes.
Blue Team Supply List
Here is the supply list for the blue team.
Back to School Information
This is information to help for a successful transition back to school.
Back to School Night Presentations
Look here to view the Back to School Night presentations from 9-23-2020.
Assigned and Late Work Policy
Assigned and Late Work Policy

Grade 8 Blue Team Members

Name Subject Email Website Extension
Mrs. Brasile 8th Grade U.S. History Email Webpage Phone6081
Ms. Cohen Grade 8 Mathematics Email Webpage Phone6069
Mr. Hartshorn 8 - Social Studies Email Webpage Phone6075
Mr. Kassalow Grade * Math Email Webpage Phone6043
Mrs. Lazas 8th Grade Language Arts & Reading Email Webpage Phone6109
Mrs. Long 8th Grade Language Arts Email Webpage Phone
Mrs. Porchetta Grade 8 Science Email Webpage Phone5257
Mrs. Saum 8 - Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6073
Mrs. Sweeney Science - Grade 8 Email Webpage Phone6078