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7 White Calendar
Calendar of events, tests, and quizzes.
Back to School Night Videos & FAQs
Please find the 7th grade White Team's Back to School Night videos and answers to frequently asked questions.
White Team News
White Team News

Grade 7 White Team Members

Name Subject Email Website Extension
Mrs. Alger 7th Grade Social Studies/Innovation and Design Email Webpage Phone6027
Mr. Arnold Grade 7 Social Studies Email Webpage Phone6041
Mrs. Foley Special Education 7th grade science, 7th grade social studies, 8th grade science, 8th social studies Email Webpage Phone6260
Mrs. Lo Iacono 6/7/8 Math Email Webpage Phone5077
Ms. Reynolds Grade 7 Math Email Webpage Phone6079
Ms. Seccamanie Math 7/ French 6&7 Email Webpage Phone6065
Mrs. Shimko 7th grade English Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6029
Mrs. Slack Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6070
Mrs. Speckin 7 - Science Email Webpage Phone6053