Grade 7 Blue Team Websites

7 Blue Calendar
Calendar of events, tests, and quizzes and projects.
7 Blue Supply List
List of supplies for 2022-2023 school year.
Parent Information
Please check occasionally. Last update: 9/3/21

Grade 7 Blue Team Members

Name Subject Email Website Extension
Mrs. Bardy 7th Grade Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6102
Mr. Bardy 7th Grade Math Email Webpage Phone
Mrs. Danner 7th Grade Spanish & Spanish Readiness 7 Email Webpage Phone6046
Ms. Dock Grade 7 Mathematics Email Webpage Phone
Ms. Einiger Grade 7 Math Email Webpage Phone
Mrs. Foley Social Studies Email Webpage Phone6260
Mrs. LaMorte 7th Grade Science Email Webpage Phone6099
Mrs. Pang Math/Chinese Email Webpage Phone6111
Mr. Rizzoli Grade 7 Social Studies Email Webpage Phone5040
Ms. Seccamanie Math 7/ French 6&7 Email Webpage Phone6065
Mrs. Slack Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6070
Mr. Ticchio 7th Grade Science Email Webpage Phone6048
Mrs. Vigliotti 7G Science/8G Social Studies Email Webpage Phone