Grade 6 Blue Team Websites

Grade 6 Blue Calendar
Test, quizzes, and long term projects for grade 6 BLUE team
2023-2024 Supply List
Materials and supplies for 6th grade students.

Grade 6 Blue Team Members

Name Subject Email Website Extension
Mrs. Boni French Grades 6, 7 & 8 Email Webpage Phone6108
Mrs. Christou Grade 6 Science Email Webpage Phone6031
Mrs. Kraminitz 6th grade Science Email Webpage Phone6087
Mrs. Lo Iacono 6/7/8 Math Email Webpage Phone5077
Mrs. Mendez Spanish - Grade 6 Email Webpage Phone6071
Mrs. Monti Herzog Grades 6 Social Studies Email Webpage Phone6049
Mrs. Ortega 6th Grade Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6100
Mrs. Pang Math/Chinese Email Webpage Phone6111
Mrs. Sasso 6 - Language Arts & Reading Workshop Email Webpage Phone6025
Mrs. Schreck 6 Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6112
Mr. Speckin 6th Grade Math Email Webpage Phone6089
Mrs. Systo Grade 6 Guidance Counselor Email Webpage Phone5009
Mr. Tavaglione Grade 6 Math Email Webpage Phone6089
Mrs. Weaver Grade 6 Math Email Webpage Phone6083