Grade 6 Blue Team Websites

Grade 6 Blue Calendar
Test, quizzes and long term projects for grade 6 blue team
2020-2021 Supply List
Materials and supplies for 6th grade students.
Orientation Videos
Arrival Procedure video and 6th Grade Blue video
Back To School Night Information
Please click the links to access each subject's back-to-school video or Q/A.
Parent Resources
Parent Resources and Tips for Hybrid and Distance Learning
Student Resources
Student Resources and Tips for Hybrid and Distance Learning
NEW Daily Bell Schedule
This time schedule will be in effect starting Monday, November 9th.

Grade 6 Blue Team Members

Name Subject Email Website Extension
Ms. Baker Grade 6 - Social Studies Email Webpage Phone5021
Mrs. Banks Grade 6 Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6034
Mrs. Benn 6th Grade Social Studies Email Webpage Phone6080
Mrs. Christou Grade 6 Science Email Webpage Phone6031
Mrs. Decelle Language Arts & Reading Email Webpage Phone6011
Mrs. Kraminitz 6th grade Science Email Webpage Phone6087
Mrs. Ortega 6th Grade Language Arts Email Webpage Phone6100
Mr. Speckin 6th Grade Math Email Webpage Phone6089
Mrs. Weaver Grade 6 Math Email Webpage Phone6083