FID Trip - Every Wednesday - Virtual Field Trips

Dear Students, 

Today (Friday, June 12th) on your FID Trip you will be visiting Disney World! 

All elementary students should check in for attendance, read for 25 minutes, participate in their special and Spanish (if applicable) for the day, and then participate in the FID Trip.  

Remember, the FID Trip is a mandatory activity.  Your form results, activity picture, and survey results will be reviewed for completion. 

On the first slide, please watch the quick video to learn about today’s FID Trip from Ms. Cassidy, Warren Middle School Librarian.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. La Neve not your teachers with questions regarding the FID Trip. None of the teachers will be responding to email for the day. 

Central School, Mrs. La Neve 

Enjoy your trip! 

K-2 FID Trip Presentation Mode

3-5 FID Trip Presentation Mode