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The Central School PTO welcomes you to another exciting school year! The PTO is a group of parent volunteers and teachers dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of our children. Throughout the year the PTO sponsors and coordinates many events such as…

Educational Assemblies
Science Day
Trunk or Treat
Movie Night
Spirit Days
Bingo Night
Family Fun Outing
Health & Fitness Days
History Day
5th Grade Event
Me & My Guy
Book Fair

In order to provide these valuable programs we ask that each family support the PTO by making a donation of $60 per child or $110 per family. This donation includes membership to the Central School PTO and a copy of the directory. If you are unable to make a donation at this time but would still like to join the PTO the membership fee is $15.00 and includes a copy of the school directory.

Please make your donation at or complete the form below and return it to your child’s teacher in an envelope marked "PTO Membership". Checks should be made payable to the "Central School PTO".

The deadline for donations is September 30th. We appreciate your generosity and look forward to the new school year.

The Central School Executive Board,

Lisa Slepokura, President Catherine Zalepa, Secretary
Daniela Rosa, VP of Membership Carmela Phan, Treasurer
Mee Eriksson, VP of Fundraising

Click here for the Central School PTO 2017-2018 Membership Donation Drive Form