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Warren Township Schools
Occupational Therapy Services
May 4-8th
Good Morning Parents, Caregivers and Teachers,
OT services are now being delivered synchronously to IEP students at all four elementary schools and Middle School. A school issued Chromebook,  laptop, and or smart phone with a Chrome App can be used for synchronous therapy sessions. Using Google Meet by way of Google Calendar, meeting days and times are established for students, with notifications sent out via Gmail to parents and students.   The notification contains the link to the meeting: just click on it and you will "arrive" at the meeting. Click "join" to join in.   If possible,  connect just prior to your scheduled time so that your child is ready to go.  As discussed by your therapists, keep the required OT materials nearby and ready to use.   
We look forward to connecting with your child and working with them through the use of synchronous technology, 
          Dr. Hales, OT                                                  


  Warren Township Schools         

                             Occupational Therapy Services                                    

March 13, 2020            

Dear Parents and Caregivers, 

    Welcome to the Occupational Therapy Department website  This is the location for Flexible Instructional Day material for you to use with your child for therapy purposes.  

    These materials will be used in lieu of direct therapy while extenuating circumstances exist and until such a time that schools are back in session.  

    If you wish to speak to a therapist in person, please know that we will be available from 8:40 to 1:40 Monday through Friday.  Contact us via our email   or   and we can set up a time to contact you via  Google Hangout/ Chat.  

We wish families to stay well until school is back in session, 






Please see page two for general resources for your child.  Please see page three for specific age or grade related activities for your child.