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May 11th,  2020

We as a district are now beginning of our 8th week of Flexible Instruction Days (subtracting one week for Spring break) and are into our second week of synchronous OT sessions. If you are not yet on board with synchronous sessions and would like to do do, contact your district OT via email and get your child signed up as soon as possible so they do not miss out on the fun.  A cool emoji

The weather has been only somewhat cooperative lately, so getting outside and getting fresh air may be low on your list of things to do.  To continue healthful exercise on a regular basis,  I am including some fun indoor things for kids to do.  See the links below: 

For Grades 3-5-

Today I am including a fun workout video for aspiring Jedi Knights!  If you like Star Wars, then this exercise video is sure to be a hit!  If you don't happen to have a lightsaber,  then a foam pool noodle will do!  Cut and paste this link into your web browser.  The video is about 8 minutes long.  Wear protective gear as appropriate.

For grades K-2-

Fine Motor Activities for the week:  

Here are lots of fine motor activities for your child- enough to keep everyone busy for quite awhile:

Indoor Gross Motor activities for the week:

Don't forget to have some fun and keep smiling!



When you have the opportunity, please review this slide slow titled, "Learn and Play from Home: Ways to Encourage Home Learning through Sensory and Play Activities."  This slideshow is appropriate for parents with children of all ages.

Dr. Hale's favorite GoNoodle links for a Blue Zone and Green Zone Tool Box

Run the Red Carpet




Welcome back to school everyone! I hope you enjoyed spring break and had the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the weather earlier last week.  Please see some activities broke down into grade level below:

Grades K-2- Gross Motor Link: Alphabet Gross Motor Exercises:

Grades K-2- Fine Motor Link: Callirobics- printing letters and or designs to music:

Grades 3 to 5- Fine Motor Link: Callirobics- printing designs to music (helps with handwriting)


Dear Parents and or Caregivers,                                                                                             

I have added specific links for OT related resources for your child by grade, so even though you may have seen some of these listed before, keep scrolling to find new information about them or about a new link or app.   


Check out these resources:

Lunch doodles with illustrator and author Mo Willems  this is a fun drawing activity:  

Note: New episodes daily at 1:00pm

GoNoodle,  a free app for movement, exercise and fun activities to do with your child.

Scroll down within the app and Check out "Flow" for calming activities t do with your child.

Check out "How To " for fun things to do, like make oobleck,  homemade butter, and cookie dough! 

Memory Game: Animals app- For an excellent app to help kids develop memory skills,  Check this simple app out. 

Printing resources:  Check out - this website has lots of free  practice worksheets on letter formation, sight words, reading, early writing, shapes, numbers, etc.  Just click on Free Worksheets for kids. 


I am also looking for a good maze app for this age group.  If you should find one,  please email me and I will share it with others. 

3rd to 5th grade:  Cursive writing practice- and more

Learning Without Tears now has downloads available,  check out the main link below and then click on links within the message to get materials:   

click on link for free access to learning resources- then scroll down to Favorite Activities.  Copy the provided sheets as needed.  Provided are printing, cursive, and number formation charts. has a 14 day free trial with cursive letter and word worksheets.  Check out this link below: 

This link has a lot of free worksheets, some of them for grades 1 to 5. Click on free worksheets- There is a lot here to choose from, including cursive worksheets, math, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling sheets.  Check this out if you are looking for additional resources for your child. 



Hello everyone and Happy Monday!  I am sharing another free resource that focuses on Self-Regulation skills.  GoNoodle offers a variety of  Flow videos.  They are about 3 minutes in length.  

My daughters' favorite videos are Rainbow Breath   and  Swirling   

What are your favorite relaxation techniques? Please follow your guidance counselor's website for their posts on mindfulness techniques.




Good morning and Happy FRIYAY to everyone!  Today I am adding five of my favorite games that help develop fine and gross motor skills.  I will post more next week.  

Mancala- Excellent for developing translation skills for ages 6 and up

Card games- Great for developing shift and other various fine motor skills

Dice games-  Great for developing hand arches.  Any game that includes dice is a great fine motor game.  Left Center Right is a fun way to develop an understanding of right and left. Please see link below.

Cutting- Scissors skills help develop so many hand skills!  Fiskar scissors are great scissors and very affordable.  Cutting through notecards and cardstock will help develop hand strength.

Jump Rope- Fun Full Body Activity



Hello everyone!  I added a new page (Page 4) titled Tactile.  When you have a moment, please check out a recipe that I used to make homemade playdough!  It was simple and fun!  As a bonus, It keeps the kids happy and busy! I also added photos of the different activities you could do with playdough.  Enjoy! 


cut fork/knife


Parents and Caregivers,

This is our first week for Flexible Instruction.  It is a learning experience on so many levels for everybody.  In order to help you and your children, structure their learning day.  Developing a visual schedule and following it as best you can may be helpful.  This would be an example.  


The Zones of Regulation website contains free handouts related to self-regulation including the "Zones of Regulation Visual" chart.

ALT Parents: Mrs. Maire has created a Google Classroom for online counseling and mindfulness resources. Join her classroom with the class code: ukaexfm. Please check-in for weekly updates, fun lessons, and mindfulness videos!

Woodland Parents: Please join Ms. Pranzo's Online Google Classroom using the class code: wwsdlho

Thank you and feel free to contact me!

Dr. Hales, MS, OTD, OTR/L