Extended Day Program Parent Compact

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The Warren Township School District believes that an effective partnership between the school and the student’s parents/guardians is essential to a child’s academic and overall success. 

The school / home partnership must be based in a mutual belief in and a commitment to establishing individualized educational goals for a student, a plan for the means to achieve those goals, collaboration in addressing challenges that may be encountered, and regular communication regarding student progress. 

To accomplish this goal, the school staff commit to:  

  • Communicating progress to parents in a timely, useful, and engaging manner  
  • Supporting parents in motivating students to learn  
  • Maintaining high standards for themselves, students, and parents in meeting the academic needs of every child 

To accomplish this goal, the school staff asks parents to commit to: 

  • Working with school staff to understand strategies and goals and support students in achieving the learning objectives 
  • Providing a home environment that supports the school’s efforts to increase student performance 
  • Motivate students to continue to engage in all efforts to succeed 

The school will engage parents in an evaluation of parental involvement efforts 

The district will engage parents in the annual evaluation of the  program’s parental involvement efforts through an annual evaluation using a comprehensive needs assessment completed by teachers, parents, and community members. 

The following activities will help school staff and parents to accomplish the goal:  

  • Meetings: The district will hold meetings to inform parents about the program and to answer questions regarding the improvement of student skills  
  • Parent Workshops: Content-area workshops will be offered to parents to assist in strategies needed for children to succeed  
  • Communication: Instructional staff and school administrators will communicate - through phone calls, face to face meeting, and emails - their concerns and celebrations. Parents are encouraged to communicate with staff at any time.