Parent Concern Form

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Warren Township Public Schools Parent Concern Documentation 

(Extended Day Program)

The Warren Township School District is committed to open communication between school staff and parents in order to reach the goal of educating all students. As such, the district is aware that parental concerns may arise periodically. These concerns must be resolved in a timely fashion. The following procedures have been developed to address concerns dealing with federally funding (Title I, Part A / ESSER II) programs, services, and staff members. 

All concerns must be directed to the building principal. Filing a Concern (the person with the concern does the following): 

  1. Gather all information related to the concern. 
  2. Complete the form found below. Remember, being as specific as possible will help to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 
  3. Send the form to the building principal’s office. 

Response to Complaint (the building principal does the following): 

  1. Investigate and prepare a response to the concern. 
  2. Set an appointment with the originators of the concern in order to resolve the issue. 

Additional Step (if required) If the concern cannot be resolved by the building principal, a meeting will be arranged with the District Title I Coordinator - Mr. William Kimmick.