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A regular business meeting of the Board of Education was held this day in the Board of Education Administration Building, Mt. Horeb Road. The following is a record of that meeting.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Board of Education President, Mrs. Voorhees.
Mrs. Voorhees read the following statement:

In accordance with the provisions New Jersey Open Public Meetings Law, the Board of Education has caused notice of this meeting to be posted in the Board Office and in the Township Office, mailed to the Courier News and Echoes Sentinel, and filed with the Clerk of the Township of Warren.

II. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Mrs. Voorhees led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Pamela Coley, Peter Fallon, John Henschel, Roberta Monahan, Mildred Spiller, Gina Voorhees, and Kathleen Winter
Absent: Jay Wilpon, Dr. Ellen Zimmerman
Also Present: Dr. James Crisfield, Superintendent, Peter Daquila, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary and members of the public & press  

IV.  Presentation
7th Grade New Jersey Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl 2nd Place Winners
Mrs. Voorhees recognized the Quiz Bowl team and presented them awards. A few of the quiz team members explained what the Quiz Bowl is.

First Place National Title Continental Math Winners
Mrs. Voorhees presented awards to all recipients.

V.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES  Mrs. Spiller moved the following.

RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves the minutes of the following meeting as distributed:

February 27, 2006: Open Session

The motion was seconded by Mr. Fallon and approved by 6-1 voice vote. (Mrs. Monahan abstained.)


  • Construction Update – Mr. Daquila reported on the following:
    Middle School Toilets

Work is progressing, the plumbing prep work is almost completed so a toilet and toilet and urinal in each bathroom can be handicap height.  The floor has been prepped and is ready for tile.  Goal is to be completed by April 7, 2006 so the back bathrooms can be done during the spring break.

Central School

Work is progressing.
The retaining wall is complete and dirt has been backfilled on the side of the hill.  The heavy equipment has been changed so the dirt can be removed this week. The cement work is scheduled to start the week of 3/20/06. Tuesday, March 14th is the building inspection and above ceiling fire inspection.Wednesday March 15th is the fire alarm inspection. Items to be finished: floor work (this week), plumbing inspection, interior glass, install shelves. Target completion is March 31st.

Mrs. Voorhees reminded board members of PTO meetings and indicated that their presence is requested but that the number of board members is being limited to 2-3 members per meeting.

3/27/06 – Meeting at 6:00 PM to discuss the superintendent’s evaluation

Gather at 6:30 PM to thank the departing board members for their time and efforts.  Meeting at 7:00 PM.




  • Draft 2006-07 Budget
    Dr. Crisfield spoke about the preliminary budget and reviewed the budget and the handouts with the BOE & public.

    Mr. Wilpon and Dr. Zimmerman arrived at 7:45 PM and were marked present.

    Mr. Wilpon provided the finance committee report and noted that the committee has been discussing the budget since January.

    Board discussed the budget and strategy of presenting the budget to the public.


Mrs. Coley moved, and Mr. Fallon seconded the following as a consent agenda.  The consent agenda was approved by unanimous role-call vote.  Item D.2 was pulled from the consent agenda for discussion.

A. Education

A.1.      Douglass Outreach at Rutgers University ABLLS Training Contract
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves a contract with Douglass Outreach at Rutgers University to provide three hours of the ABLLS training effective from February 3, 2006 though June 30, 2006 at a cost to the district of $360 (plus travel miles and tolls).  Additional services will be billed at an hourly rate of $120.

B. Finance/Operations/Transportation

B.1.      Amendment of Transportation Contracts
a) RESOLVED, that the Board of Education amend the transportation contract for two Warren Out of District Students with Green Brook to the Midland School from the previously approved amount of $10,699 to $21,400 for the 2005-2006 school year.
b) RESOLVED, that the Board of Education amend a joint transportation contract with Green Brook for transporting 12 math students from WHRHS to Warren Middle School and to Valley View School. The previously approved amount of $927.09 was for 3 students, the new amount of $3,600 is for 12 students for the 2005-2006 school year. 

B.2.      2006-2006 Preliminary Budget
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the Warren Township Board of Education 2006-2007 Preliminary District Budget submission to the Somerset County Superintendent of Schools as follows:

  Budget Local Tax Levy
General Fund $31,628,116 $31,719,968
Capital Outlay 2,196,100  
Fund 13 Summer School 138,800  
Special Revenue 455,000  
Debt Service 1,698,415 1,340,457
TOTAL $36,116,431 $33,060,425

B.3.      State Aid for 2006-2007 Budget
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the anticipated State Aid, as of March 8, 2006.  Final State Aid will not be available until March 23, 2006 as listed:

  State Aid
Transportation Aid $ 570,712
Special Education Aid 1,302,949
Bilingual Education 2,444
Consolidated Aid 181,451
TOTAL $2,027,556

B.4.      Contract for Nextel Communications Cell Phones
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the contract with Nextel Communications, of Carol Stream, Il, for cell phone/walkie-talkie service.  The Nextel service is for five phones that are used by the employees in the district.  The cost is $219.88 per month and $2,638.52 per year.  This will save the district $175.00 per month and $2,100.00 per year.

B.5.      Spending Growth Limitation
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the following Spending Growth Limitations and Commissioner's Spending Growth Limitations for the 2006-2007 budget:
Change in Enrollment $568,116
Capital Outlay $681,788
Non-Remote Transportation Costs $4,702
Insurance and Domestic Preparedness $8,718

C. Personnel/Student Services

C.1.      Employment for the 2006-2007 School Year
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the application for emergent hiring for the following positions for the 2006-2007 school year under the requirements of N.J.S.A. 18A:16-1 et seq.,  N.J.S.A. 18A:39-17 et seq., and N.J.S.A. 6-4.14 et seq., as listed below:
a) Kevin Speckin, Special Education, Middle School, MA, step 2, effective September 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007.

C.2.      Family Leave Request
RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves the Family Leave request:
a) Stacey Modugno, REACH Teacher, Woodland School, Family Leave (unpaid with benefits) from April 17, 2006 through June 1, 2006.   Returning June 2, 2006.

C.3.      Child Rearing Leave Extension
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves an extension of a child rearing leave request for:
a) Leslie Ortega, Special Education Teacher, Mt. Horeb School from May 1, 2006 through May 19, 2006.  Mrs. Ortega will be returning May 22, 2006.
b) Brenda Hockstein, Special Education Teacher, Middle School for the 2006-2007 school year.  Returning September 1, 2007.

C.4. Custodial Employee Changes

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves following custodial employee changes effective March 8, 2006 through June 30, 2006:
a) David Kuhlken from Custodian, Middle School to Head Custodian at Central School at a prorated salary of $30,356.
b) Tanin Petyotin from Custodian, Central to Head Night Custodian at Central School at a prorated salary of $31,445
c) Carrie Vongvilary from Night Custodian, Woodland School to Night Custodian Central School
d) Jason Sandt from Night Custodian, Floater to Day Custodian at Middle School, at a prorated salary of $28,037.
e) David Marin from Head Night Custodian, Central School to a Sub Head Night Custodian at Mt. Horeb.  Salary remains the same.
f) Costel Gherghescu from Head Day Custodian, Central School to Head Night Custodian at Woodland School.  Salary remains the same.

C.5. Amendment on Salary Guide
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the following amendment on the teachers' negotiated salary guide effective February 1, 2006:
a) TyraLynn Ceccato from BA to BA+15 (remaining at step 2)

C.6. Technology After School Workshops For Staff Members - Spring 2006
RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves Sean Convery to teach a Technology Workshop for up to 10 hours at a cost to the district of $300 in the Spring of 2006.

C.7. Resignations
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the resignation of:
a) Judi Wormeck, Art Teacher, Mt. Horeb School, effective March 1, 2006 for the purpose of retirement.  (Ms. Wormeck is currently on sick leave.)
b) Linda Richel, Special Education Teacher, Woodland School, effective June 30, 2006 for the purpose of retirement.
c) Barbara Moreland, Classroom Paraprofessional, Middle School, effective June 30, 2006 for the purpose of retirement.
d) Emily Baker, ASAP Math Teacher, Middle School, effective June 30, 2006.
e) Alison Arakelian, OT, District, effective June 30, 2006.  (Mrs. Arakelian is currently on child care leave.)
f) Gina Mirto, Grade 3 Teacher, Mt. Horeb, effective June 30, 2006.  (Mrs. Mirto is currently on child care leave.)

C.8. Substitute Teachers
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the following Substitute Teachers for the 2005-2006 school year:
a) Paul Gallagher
b) Ramona Cunha

C.9. Per Diem Deduct Request
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves per diem deduct request for:
a) Janet DelNero, Classroom Paraprofessional, Central School, for five days, May 1-5, 2006.

D. Policy

D.1. Policy 5141.7 Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the revised Policy 5141.7 Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) dated March 13, 2006.

D.2. Policy 3542.1 Local Wellness/Nutrition
The Board discussed agenda item D.2. 
Mrs. Spiller questioned beverages for the Middle School.
Mr. Wilpon  suggested that the board of education  communicate the nutrition plan to the parents and children.

On motion by Mrs. Monahan, seconded by Mr. Wilpon and approved on an 8-1 roll call vote it was RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the first reading of Policy 3542.1 Local Wellness/Nutrition dated March 27, 2006.

XI. Public Commentary
Debbie Picarillo questioned who will monitor nutrition plan.  PTO will self monitor and principal will oversee the food that is provided to the students.

XII. Old Business

  • WMS Play-Every year or every other year?
    The Board discussed the issue of every year or every other year and the option of using an outside vendor instead of Middle School staff. 
  • Superintendent Evaluation-March 27, 2006 at 6:00 PM
    Information should be forwarded to Dr. Zimmerman.
  • BOE Self Evaluation will be April 4, 2006.

XIII. New Business

  • October 2006 NJSBA Convention Plans
    Dr. Crisfield discussed the possible attendance at the October convention.
  • Health Benefits Legislation – the Board passed the following resolution.
  • On motion by Mr. Fallon, seconded by Mr. Wilpon  and approved 9-0, it was  resolved that the Board of Education authorizes correspondence to the N.J. State Legislatures stating the district’s opposition to the State’s plan to have every New Jersey school district participate in the State Health Benefits Plan.

  • Grant has been received to host a healthy girls day on April 2, 2006 for girls 5th through 8th grade.
  • Mrs. Voorhees discussed that there are 2 of the 6 remaining board members that want to be president.  Mrs. Coley and Mrs. Monahan desire to be president.  There should be a meeting with the new members prior to their joining the board.
  • Mrs. Voorhees discussed the Bird Flu and asked if  there is a contingency closing plan if the epidemic closes school.


XV. ADJOURNMENT:  On motion by Mrs. Monahan and seconded by Mrs. Winter the meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Minutes recorded by:

Peter Daquila, Board Secretary