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A regular business meeting of the Board of Education was held this day in the Board of Education Administration Building, Mt. Horeb Road. The following is a record of that meeting.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by the Board President, Dr. Przybylski

OPEN PUBLIC MEETING STATEMENT - Dr. Przybylski read the following Statement:
In accordance with the provisions New Jersey Open Public Meetings Law, the Board of Education has caused notice of this meeting to be posted in the Board Office and in the Township Office, mailed to the Courier News and Echoes Sentinel, and filed with the Clerk of the Township of Warren.

II. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Dr. Przybylski led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sue Burman, Roberta Monahan, Dr. Gregory Przybylski, James Sena, Mildred Spiller, and Kathleen Winter

Absent: Donald Huber arrived at 7:11 p.m.

Tony Sardis arrived at 7:10 p.m.

Dr. Gregory Przybylski departed the meeting at 8:10 p.m.

Patricia Toubin

Also Present: Dr. Tami Crader, Superintendent, Peter Daquila, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary, and members of the staff and public

Budget Presentation

Mr. Huber (7:11 p.m.) and Mr. Sardis (7:10 p.m.) arrived at this point in the meeting.

Dr. Crader presented the budget power point slides to the BOE and public. Mrs. Burman thanked the Finance Committee and board for creating an effective budget.

Laura Mandel asked which items will be considered to be cut if the budget was defeated.

Dr. Crader responded that the board has started to evaluate various programs and will need to discuss what to eliminate if the budget is defeated.

Mrs. Mandel thanked the board for the wonderful job being done educating the K-8 students.

Mrs. Winter moved the following:

RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves the minutes, as amended, of the following meeting:

March 14, 2011 public and private session

The motion was seconded by Mr. Sena and approved by 5-1--2 roll call vote. (Mrs. Burman & Mrs. Spiller abstained. Mr. Sardis voted no.)


Dr. Przybylski thanked the Finance Committee, board, Dr. Crader & Mr. Daquila for creating the budget. He wished everyone a happy and safe spring break.

Dr. Crader will present a candidate for the principal position at Central School at the April 11, 2011 board meeting. She proposes to start with an executive session at 6:30 and begin the regular meeting at 7:30 on that date. The board agreed to the schedule change.


Mrs. Burman sent a draft of the board self-evaluation. She asked that members please review and send back comments. The evaluation will be discussed on April 11th. The superintendent's evaluation will be discussed in executive session on April 11th.

Mrs. Winter reported that the Policy Committee will present at least 6 policies for review at the April 11th meeting.


Conducted during the budget presentation.

XI. PUBLIC COMMENTARY (including opportunity to speak about items for Board Consideration/Action)
Note on public input at BOE meetings: Board Policy #9322, adopted on April 14, 2008, provides for and encourages public participation in Board of Education meetings. Such participation is governed by the following rules:

1. A participant must be recognized by the presiding officer and must preface comments by an announcement of his/her name and place of residence;

2. Each Statement made by a participant shall be limited to three minutes' duration (limit may be adjusted at the discretion of the presiding officer as circumstances dictate);

3. No participant may speak more than once on the same topic until all others who wish to speak on that topic have been heard; and

4. All Statements shall be directed to the presiding officer-no participant may address or question Board members individually.

The portion of the meeting during which participation of the public is invited shall be limited to fifteen minutes (limit may be adjusted at the discretion of the presiding officer as circumstances dictate).


Mrs. Burman asked for a separate vote on agenda item C.3

Mrs. Monahan asked a question on agenda item B.7. D. Crader responded that she requested Mrs. Roberts and Ms. Valdez to attend the conference and the cost difference is due to Ms. Valdez not being a member of ISTE.

Regarding agenda item D.1. Mr. Huber thanked Dr. Crader for making the changes that were discussed.

On motion by Mrs. Winter, seconded by Mrs. Spiller, the consent agenda items A.1., B.1. - 7., C.1. & 2., and D.1., were approved by an 8-0 roll-call vote.

On motion by Mrs. Winter, seconded by Mrs. Spiller, agenda item C.3., was approved by a 6-2 roll call vote. (Mrs. Burman and Mr. Sardis voted no.)


A.1. Home Instruction

RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves one student (ID#0120508) to receive 10 hours per week of home instruction for a period of 30 days, beginning on or about March 21, 2011, for a cost to the district of $2,000.


B.1. Payment of Bills

RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves the payment of bills for March 2011 in the amount of $3,513,303.20

B.2. Board Secretary's and Treasurer's Report

WHEREAS, the Board of Education has received the attached report of the secretary for the month of February.

WHEREAS, this report shows the following balances on February 28, 2011





(10) General Current Expense Fund



(11) Current Expense




(12) Capital Outlay




(13) Special Schools




(20) Special Revenue Fund




(30) Capital Projects Fund




(40) Debt Service Fund








WHEREAS, in compliance with law and code the secretary has certified that, as of the date of the reports, no budgetary line item account has obligations and payments (contractual orders) which in total exceed the amount appropriated by the district board of education, now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, the Board of Education accepts the above reference reports and certifications and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, in compliance with law and code, the Board of Education certifies that, after review of the secretary's monthly financial report (appropriation section), to the best of its knowledge, no major account or fund has been over expended in violation of law and code and that sufficient funds are available to meet the district's financial obligations for the remainder of the year.

B.3. Budget Transfers for Month of February 2011

RESOLVED, the Board of Education ratifies the following transfers between budget line items that have been approved by the Superintendent of Schools and that are now being reported to the Board pursuant to Policy 3160:




Curriculum Supervisor- Salary


Salaries - Professional Staff



Tech. Coordinator - Salary


Salaries - Professional Staff



Salaries - Support Staff


Salaries - Professional Staff



Business Office Admin.-Salary


Salaries - Professional Staff



Business Office - Salaries


Salaries - Professional Staff



Salaries - Lunchroom & Playground Aides


RC Aides - Salaries



Salaries - Lunchroom & Playground Aides


Salaries - Preschool Disabled Aides



Grounds - Supplies


Grounds - Services



Field Trips Transp. - Middle


Contracted NP Transportation



Special Ed Transp. - Parents


Contr. Transp. - Regular Bus



Home Instruction - Salaries


Grades 6-8 Stipends



Home Instruction -Educ. Svcs.


Grades 1-5 Stipends



LLD Aide - Salaries


LLD Teacher - Salaries



Administrative IT Equipment


Health Benefits



Instructional Equipment - ALT


Health Benefits


Total Transfers


B.4. 403(b) Plan Document for Public Education (Corrected Document)

RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves the Amended 403(b) Plan Document for Public Education Organizations, dated March 28, 2011, for the Warren Township Schools effective April 1, 2011.

B.5. Approval of the 2011-2012 Warren Township School Budget

RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves the 2011-2012 Warren Township Budget and approves the budget for submission to the voters on April 27, 2011 as follows:

The proposed budget includes sufficient funds to provide curriculum and instruction which will enable all students to achieve the Core Curriculum Content Standards and is in compliance with N.J.S.A. 18A and N.J.A.C Title 6 and 6A.

The Anticipated Enrollment for the school year 2011-2012 is 2,200 students.

Appropriations: Budget

General Fund $37,846,380

Summer School 178,800

Capital Outlay 136,751

Capital Reserve 500

Withdrawal from Capital Reserve 720,000

Special Revenue 500,000

Debt Service 936,870



Tax Levy - General Fund $36,911,808

Tax Levy - Debt Service 656,101

SUB-TOTAL: $37,567,909

State Aid $ 726,719

State Aid - Debt Service 280,767

SUB-TOTAL: $ 1,007,486

General Fund-Surplus $ 208,180

Debt Service 2

Miscellaneous Revenue 247,000

Withdrawal from Capital Reserve 720,000

Federal Funds Anticipated 568,724

SUB-TOTAL: $ 1,743,906


As per NJAC 6A:23B-1.2(b), the proposed budget provides for a maximum expenditure amount that may be allotted for travel and expense reimbursement. The 2011/2012 tentative budget includes a maximum travel appropriation of $100,000. The School Business Administrator shall track and record these costs to insure that the maximum amount is not exceeded.

As per NJAC 6A:23A-5.2(1), the proposed budget provides for a maximum expenditure amount that is annually established for each type of professional service including public relations, with appropriate notification to the board of education if it becomes necessary to exceed the maximum. Upon such notification, the board of education may adopt a dollar increase in the maximum amount through board action.

B.6. Waiver of Requirements - Special Education Medicare Initiative (SEMI) program

RESOLVED, that the Warren Township Board of Education approves the Waiver of Requirements Special Education Medicare Initiative (SEMI) Program:

WHEREAS, NJAC 6A:23A-5.3 provides that a school district may request a waiver of compliance with respect to the district's participation in the Special Education Medicare Initiative (SEMI) Program for the 2011-2012, and

WHEREAS, the Warren Township Board of Education desires to apply for this waiver due to the fact that it has fewer than 40 Medicaid eligible classified students.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Warren Township Board of Education hereby authorizes the Superintendent to submit to the Executive County Superintendent of Schools in Somerset County the appropriate waiver of the requirementsof NJAC 6A:23A-5.3 for the 2011-2012 school year.

B.7. Travel Approval

Whereas, in accordance with State of New Jersey School District Accountability Act (A-5) and the Warren Township Schools' policy number 4133 - Travel and Work Related Expense Reimbursement, travel by school district employees and Board of Education members must be approved in advance.

Now Therefore Be It RESOLVED, the Warren Township Schools Board of Education approves the following expenses for faculty, staff, administrators, and board members for seminars, conferences and workshops. The expense includes travel costs, if applicable:

June 2011

  • Mary Ellen Roberts, Middle - ISTE Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pa $350
  • Melissa Valdez, Central - ISTE Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pa $500

All of the above travel has been approved by the Superintendent. The School Business Administrator shall track and record these costs to insure that the maximum amount is not exceeded.


C.1. Family Leave and Child Rearing Request

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the family leave and child rearing request for the following:

a) Mary DeNunzio Library Media Specialist, Central School family leave (unpaid with benefits) from May 20, 2011 through June 30, 2011. Returning September 1, 2011.

b) Kristen Stoyanov, Kindergarten Teacher, Mt. Horeb School, child rearing leave request (unpaid without benefits) from December 6, 2011 through June 30, 2012. Returning September 1, 2012.

C.2. Change of Assignment

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the change of assignment for Jaclyn Aptekar, from Classroom Paraprofessional to long term Substitute Teacher, Central School, effective April 29, 2011 through June 30, 2011, (replacing Dana Tretola on family leave), at an additional per diem rate of $50.90.

C.3. Per Diem Deduct Request

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the following per diem deduct request for the following staff:

a) Diana Raucci, Transportation Supervisor, for one day, March 18, 2011.

D. Policy and Regulations

D.1. Policies

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the second and final reading of Policy 6121 - Nondiscrimination/Affirmative Action.


100-Day Report Summary

Dr. Crader presented the power point slides of her 100 day summary and analysis of the district.

Mr. Huber asked about the procedures being used to evaluate special education costs. Dr. Crader responded that many factors are used to evaluate special education.

Mrs. Monahan and Mr. Sena noted that finance had reviewed special education costs. They noted that Warren has more in-district students than comparative districts. Mr. Sena will send info from his analysis to Dr. Crader.

Mrs. Spiller asked that if the board corner communicates to the parents how the district will communicate to the entire town. Dr. Crader is working on this.

Mrs. Spiller asked for clarification of the Key Communicators group.

Dr. Crader reported that the group will be used for the budget and information will flow to and from the Key Communicators.

Mrs. Burman asked what follow up will occur as a result of the 100 day report.

Dr. Crader noted that there are many items currently in place and she will report on the status of the in process items in the fall.

Mrs. Spiller asked about the process that will be used for the self-evaluation.

Mrs. Burman noted that process will be part of the discussion regarding the board's self-evaluation.

Mr. Monahan noted that a performance improvement program must be created as part of the self-evaluation.


Mrs. Monahan noted that the Middle School students did a wonderful job on the play.


Patricia Zohn thanked Dr. Crader for the report and indicated she is very pleased with the evaluation. She commented that it is important to keep the public informed on all of these changes.

She thanked the board for hiring Dr. Crader as superintendent and noted that she has created a very responsible budget.

Laura Mandel was pleased with the 100 day report and noted that collaboration is a key to learning and the student future skill.

Andrea Freijomil noted that Dr. Crader has created a new energy in the district and is disappointed that more people aren't attending board meetings, coffee chats with the superintendent, and PTO meetings.


At 8:05 p.m. Mrs. Winter moved the following:

WHEREAS, the Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A.10:4-11, permits the Board of Education to meet in closed session to discuss certain matters, now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, the Board of Education adjourns to closed session to discuss:

matter rendered confidential by federal or State law

pending or anticipated litigation or contract negotiation and/or matters of attorney-client privilege

a matter in which release of information would impair the right to receive government funds

material the disclosure of which constitutes an unwarranted invasion of individual privacy

a collective bargaining agreement and/or negotiations related to it

a matter involving the purchase, lease, or acquisition of real property with public funds

protection of public safety and property and/or investigations of possible violations or violations of law

specific prospective or current employees unless all who could be adversely affected request an open session

deliberation after a public hearing that could result in a civil penalty or other loss

and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, the minutes of this closed session be made public when the need for confidentiality no longer exists.

The motion was seconded by Mrs. Spiller and approved by unanimous voice vote.

On motion by Mrs. Burman, seconded by Mrs. Monahan the board reconvened in open session at 8:35 p.m.

XVII. ADJOURNMENT: On motion by Mrs. Spiller seconded by Mrs. Burman, the meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m.

Minutes recorded by:

Peter Daquila