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A regular business meeting of the Board of Education was held this day in the Board of Education Administration Building, Mt. Horeb Road. The following is a record of that meeting.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by the Board President, Mrs. Spiller.

OPEN PUBLIC MEETING STATEMENT - Mrs. Spiller read the following statement:
In accordance with the provisions New Jersey Open Public Meetings Law, the Board of Education has caused notice of this meeting to be posted in the Board Office and in the Township Office, mailed to the Courier News and Echoes Sentinel, and filed with the Clerk of the Township of Warren.

II. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Mrs. Spiller led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Susan Burman, Roberta Monahan, Dr. Gregory Przybylski, Patricia Toubin, Gina Voorhees, Mildred Spiller, and Kathleen Winter 
Absent: Pamela Coley
David Ricci (arrived at 7:07 p.m.)                                              
Also Present: Dr. James Crisfield, Superintendent, Peter Daquila, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary, members of the press and public  

IV. Presentation

  • Angelo L. Tomaso School - Mock Trial Winners

ALT Principal, Ms. Kathy Bond, spoke about the "mock" trial process and the terrific work involved.  Teacher Sue Kline spoke about how the students became interested in the "mock" trial process, the hard work involved in the process and the wonderful job that the students did. 

Mr. Ricci arrived at this point in the meeting (7:07 p.m.).

Mrs. Spiller spoke to the students about the trial and presented each of the students a certificate of achievement. 

Dr. Crisfield thanked the students for their accomplishments.  

Mrs. Monahan moved the following:
RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves the minutes of the following meeting:
January 28, 2008 public session
The motion was seconded by Mrs. Voorhees and approved by 7 -0-1 voice vote. (Mrs. Burman abstained.)  

Fire Drills - The superintendent reported the following fire drills had been held:



Mt. Horeb



January 4, 15

January 7, 29

January 7, 31

January 7, 9

January 18, 25


Policy Committee
Mrs. Winter reported that the Policy Committee reviewed the 9000 series.  She noted that School Boards is doing a fine job and the first reading should go to the board by the March 10th meeting.  


  • 2008-09 School Budget - Deliberation Continued

Mr. Daquila explained the three revised budget documents; Budget at a Glance, Key Discussion Items, and the Budget Cut Analysis, and the changes in the documents from the last meeting.  The adjusted reduction amount is $876,000.

Mrs. Winter spoke about the budget cut item for Smart Boards.  The board decided to keep the amount for Smart Boards as a possible cut and decrease the Miscellaneous Supply and Textbook account for $10,000 as a reduction.

Dr. Crisfield spoke about the implementation of Smart Boards in the district. 

  • Education Discussion: Pull Out Programs

Mrs. Voorhees noted she and Mrs. Burman worked together on the presentation.  She thanked Middle School Principal, Mr. Comba, for his input and assistance.  Mrs. Voorhees and Mrs. Burman presented the information and answered the board's question.

  • Parent Conferences at Warren Middle School

Dr. Crisfield noted that the intention is to increase parental interaction.  Mr. Comba discussed the current method of parent teacher conferences and indicated that there are other methods to enhance the parent teacher contact and communication.

School Social Worker, Faye Brady, added that the current conference schedule is not practical for the special ed students.  She noted that the changes will also enhance the communication for the special ed parents.

Mr. Comba noted that once the Power School software is utilized the parent will be able to view their child's grades on a regular basis through the parent portal section. 

It is preferred to switch the parent conferences from the November schedule and have conferences scheduled throughout the year on an as needed basis.

Parent Patricia Zahn commented about the potential change in Middle School conferences and noted that the parent doesn't get the opportunity to meet if their child is doing well.  She suggested that the board should attempt to find a method to interact with parents to relay positives for each child. 

Mrs. Zahn questioned the Woodland clubs and the donations that are on the agenda.  She also asked if there was  information available regarding the content of books for each grade.

Mr. Daquila presented the information on Energy Education Inc. and discussed with the board.  The board requested additional information on E.E. Inc.:
-  Wanted feedback from a district that has used their services more than 4 years. 
-  Wanted info on any clients that stopped the services
-  Wanted info on any clients that have not reached the savings goals and had funds refunded.
Item B.2. is being pulled and will be presented to the board for approval after additional information is obtained and discussed.
Mrs. Monahan moved, and Mrs. Burman seconded, the following, including changes to B.8., and C.4., and addendum items B.11., and C.5., as a consent agenda.  The consent agenda as amended was approved by unanimous 8-0 role-call vote.   

A. Education

A.1. Out of District Related Services
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves one student (ID#0120904) to receive one 30 minute session of Physical Therapy per week, retroactive to January 29, 2008, at a cost to the district of $1,925.00.

B. Finance/Operations/Transportation

B.1. No Child Left Behind Grant - Acceptance of Funds - Correction
RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves the acceptance of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Grant for school year 2007/2008 from the New Jersey Department of Education with the following amounts to include Title IV which was omitted from the January 12, 2008 motion:

  • Title II-Part A $25,704.00
  • Title IV $ 4,332.00
  • Title V $ 2,577.00

The Warren Township Schools was awarded Title III funds in the amount of $8,037.00 (not $10,000 which was approved January 12, 2008) for fiscal year 2007/2008.  These funds are being utilized via a consortium with the Somerset County Vocational School.

B.2. Energy Management Program - PULLED
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the following Energy Management Program resolution:
WHEREAS a proposal was received from Energy Education, Inc. to provide energy conservation consulting services and an energy management program; and

WHEREAS the Board of Education deems this energy management program to be an extraordinary unspecifiable service as stated in 18A:18A-2g; and

WHEREAS there is no financial risk to the district since the contract guarantees that Warren Township Schools will save more money than it spends on the energy consulting services and on the implementation of the energy management program; and

WHEREAS the school business administrator has evaluated the said proposal, contacted their references and recommends that a contract be awarded to Energy Education, Inc. consistent with their proposal; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education approves the award of a contract to Energy Education, Inc. to provide energy conservation consulting services consistent with their proposal dated October 4, 2007.

B.3. Summer Fridays 2008-2009 Attachment 1
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the list of Summer Fridays for 2008-2009 dated February 1, 2008.

B.4. Organization Chart Attachment 2
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the revised Warren Township Board of Education Organization Chart dated January 2008.

B.5. Substitute Service Contract - AESOP/Frontline
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves AESOP/Frontline as the automated substitute service for the 2008-2009 school year at the rate of $2.00 per employee needing a substitute and $0.75 per employee not needing a substitute at an estimated cost of $5,210.75 plus a one time set-up and training fees of $2,000.

B.6. Elimination of Job Descriptions for Obsolete Positions
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the elimination of job descriptions for obsolete positions in the Warren Township Schools on the list dated January 2008.

B.7. Travel Approval
Whereas, in accordance with State of New Jersey School District Accountability Act (A-5) and the Warren Township Schools' policy number 4133 - Travel and Work Related Expense Reimbursement, travel by school district employees and Board of Education members must be approved in advance.

Now Therefore Be It RESOLVED, the Warren Township Schools Board of Education approves the following expenses for faculty, staff, administrators, and board members for seminars, conferences and workshops.  The expense includes travel costs, if applicable:

February 2008

  • John Seramula, Middle - NJ Music Convention, E. Brunswick $170
  • James Crisfield, BOE - Closing the Achievement Gap, West Windsor $210
  • Jeanne Nimmo, Mt Horeb - Music Advisory Board, New Providence $  15
  • MaryEllen Roberts, Middle - Internet Safety, East Brunswick $  20
  • Carol Keirstead, Mt. Horeb - Curriculum for Preschool, Ringos $495

March  2008

  • Laura Weitzman, SPS - Assessment & Intervention, Piscataway $100
  • Jeanne Nimmo, Mt Horeb - Music Advisory Board, New Providence $ 15
  • Tyra Lynn Ceccato, Central - Writing Skills, New Brunswick $200
  • Megan O'Donnell, Central - Writing Skills, New Brunswick $215
  • Laurie Green, Central - Writing Skills, New Brunswick $200
  • Patti Pillinger, ALT - writing Skills, New Brunswick $185
  • Jane Woods, ALT - writing Skills, New Brunswick $200
  • Mary Rusnak, ALT - writing Skills, New Brunswick $185

April 2008

  • Kelly Maire, Mt Horeb - Cancer Wellness, Bedminster $ 25
  • Doris Zanchelli, Mt Horeb, Woodland - Cancer Wellness, Bedminster $ 35
  • Jeanne Nimmo, Mt Horeb - Music Advisory Board, New Providence, $ 15

May 2008

  • Jeanne Nimmo, Mt Horeb - Music Advisory Board, New Providence, $ 15

All of the above travel has been approved by the Superintendent and the Board of Education.  The School Business Administrator shall track and record these costs to insure that the maximum amount is not exceeded. 

B.8. Approval of Donation - Woodland School
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves, with appreciation, the donation of $715 from the Woodland School PTO for two after school clubs at that school for the 2007-2008 school year.

B.9. Mini Grant Projects Donation - Central School
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves, with appreciation, the donation of $1,431.65 from the Central School PTO for ten staff mini grant projects.

B.10. Computer Donation Program Attachment 3
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the Computer Donation Program as outlined in the proposal dated February 6, 2008.

B.11.    Amended Resolution Opposing Proposed Legislation That Mandates Paid Family Leave

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the Resolution opposing proposed Legislation that would mandates paid family leave for every employee in New Jersey.

WHEREAS, the Warren Township Board of Education employs over 450 individuals; and

WHEREAS, it is imperative to the educational process that we employ substitutes when employees are absent from work; and

WHEREAS, New Jersey State Statute 18A: 30-2 already mandates that we provide a minimum of 10 sick days annually to all our employees; and

WHEREAS, passage of this legislation will greatly increase absenteeism as many more employees will avail themselves of this additional benefit, thus increasing the cost of operating our programs; and

WHEREAS, the Warren Township Board of Education presently experiences difficulty employing an adequate number of substitutes; and

WHEREAS, the Warren Township Board of Education currently negotiates with two unions regarding the salary and benefits their employees receive; and

WHEREAS, paid leave is an employee benefit that should be left to the give and take of the collective bargaining process between the Warren Township Board of Education and the unions; and

WHEREAS, this legislation is a tax increase for our employees. Should the current system of funding the program be insufficient to support the number of employees taking paid leave, an additional tax increase for our employees will become necessary, or unions will demand that the employer pay the cost of this benefit on behalf of unit members; and

WHEREAS, the administrative and logistical challenges inherent in implementing a paid leave system, tracking every hour of paid family leave time that an employee utilizes, and ensuring that the employee's family member actually suffers a "serious health condition" is yet another unnecessary bureaucratic burden on the employer, and takes away valuable resources from the other educational programs; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Warren Township Board of Education opposes any proposed legislation that mandates paid family leave and encourages New Jersey legislators to do the same.

C. Personnel/Student Services

C.1. 2008 Summer Fun Secretary
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves Eileen Haddican as the 2008 Summer Fun Secretary at a salary of $4,326.

C.2. Outside Evaluator
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves Anne Scala Toolajian as an outside evaluator for NDT (Neurodevelopmental Treatment) evaluations for the 2007-2008 school year.

C.3. Substitute Teachers
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the following Substitute Teachers for the 2007-2008 school year:

  • a) Drisana McFadden
  • b) Jennifer Perkarsky
  • c) Debra Frank
  • d) Holly Jamieson
  • e) Jill Andrews

C.4. After School Clubs
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the following after school clubs for the 2007-2008 school year and the instructors for each club at the negotiated stipend rate.

 Woodland School

  • a) Beading/Art Club - advisor Jennifer DePinto at a stipend of $715.
  • b) Board Game Club - advisor Anita Brower at a stipend of $715.
  • c) Legos - advisor Christina Beekman at a stipend of $715.

C.5. Substitute Custodian
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves Cornel Bogdan as a substitute custodian for the 2007-2008 school years at $15.22 per hour, effective February 4, 2008.  (Mr. Bogdan retired from Warren December 31, 2007.)

D. Polling Locations

D.1. RESOLVED, the Board of Education approves the hours of 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. for the 2008 School Board Elections on April 15, 2008 at the following designated polling places:

Districts 1 & 3
Mt. Horeb Fire House, 14 Elm Avenue

Districts 2 & 4
Mt. Horeb School, 80 Mt. Horeb Road

Districts 5 & 13
Angelo L. Tomaso School, 46 Washington Valley Road

Districts 6 & 10
Our Lady of the Mount Parish Center, 167 Mt. Bethel Road

Districts 7 & 8
Warren Middle School, 100 Old Stirling Road

District 9
Woodland School, 114 Stirling Road

District 11 & 12
Warren Township Library, 44 Mountain Boulevard 


Mrs. Winter questioned the minimum/maximum attendance for the district clubs and the accountability of the clubs. 
Mrs. Monahan noted that the Warren Education Foundation event is February 24, 2008.




WHEREAS, the Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A.10:4-11, permits the Board of Education to meet in closed session to discuss certain matters, now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, the Board of Education adjourns to closed session to discuss:                  
1)   matter rendered confidential by federal or state law
2)   pending or anticipated litigation or contract negotiation and/or matters of attorney-client privilege
3)   a matter in which release of information would impair the right to receive government funds
4)   material the disclosure of which constitutes an unwarranted invasion of individual privacy
5)   a collective bargaining agreement and/or negotiations related to it
6)   a matter involving the purchase, lease, or acquisition of real property with public funds
7)   protection of public safety and property and/or investigations of possible violations or violations of law
11)  specific prospective or current employees unless all who could be adversely affected request an open session
12)  deliberation after a public hearing that could result in a civil penalty or other loss
and be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, the minutes of this closed session be made public when the need for confidentiality no longer exists.

XVI.  ADJOURNMENT:    On motion by Dr. Przybylski, seconded by Mrs. Burman, the meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Minutes recorded by:
Peter Daquila