Every voice matters! Please take the SCoPE School Communication Survey.

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As a parent/guardian and/or member of the Warren Township community, we hope you will participate in our SCoPE School Communication surveys.  Any time now through April 7, 2017, use almost any computer or mobile device to complete the survey(s).  

Parents/guardians can find the survey on the district website at www.warrentboe.org/_files/news/2155/SCoPE%20Survey.Parents.pdf.  Community members should go to www.warrentboe.org/_files/news/2157/SCoPE%20Survey.Community.pdf.  Please take each of the surveys that correspond with your relationship to us.

The survey takes less than 15 minutes and your privacy is protected. The more parents/community members who participate, the stronger our data will be to make informed decisions.

Thank you!