Grade 7 Math

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Welcome to 7th Grade Math.

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Thank you for joining this Google Classroom where you will find resources to help you boost your learning in mathematics.
The key to success in math is simple... practice, practice, practice.
If you play a sport or an instrument, you know that you can only master the art through the act of "doing", math is no different. Working on your "game" beyond the "classroom" will make you better.

This google classroom will give you additional resources to help you hone your math skills. 
We encourage you to try different resources based on your own learning style (visual, aural, physical, logical, etc.) and cement or extend your understanding of the topic we're working on in class.

Mrs. Aronow, Mrs. Shaw, Ms. Reynolds and Mrs. Pang all love math and we love teaching you about math.
Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Let's Go 7th Grade Math!