WMS Announcements - 5/9/2022

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Good Morning, Warren Middle 


Today Monday, May 9, 2022

A Day


Morning Announcements




Dates to Remember


 4/26 - 4/47   NJSLA Science Testing (8th Grade ONLY)

 4/29 - 5/3     NJSLA ELA Testing (6th, 7th & 8th)

 5/4 - 5/6       NJSLA Math Testing (6th, 7th, 8th)

 5/17                Spring Orchestra Concert 

 5/19                Spring Band Concert

 5/25                Spring Chorus Concert - WHRHS PAC

5/26                 Half Day @ 12:50 PM - Staff Development

5/27 & 5/30   Schools Closed - Staff Development

5/30                 Memorial Day - Schools Closed



Birthday Shout Outs


Weekend Shout Out

May 7 - Ella  Dean C. 08

May 8 - Alexa V. 07, Darren X. 08 


May 9 - Demiana D. 08, Mia S. 07, Alexa ZM. 08

May 11 - AGiovanni A. 08, Naina R. 07 

May 12 - Sean T. 06

May 14 - Ryan B. 06, Jazmine MA. 08

May 15 - Tristan A. 08, Maria VC. 07





Thank you, student body, for voting last week for the students’ choice award for the school’s favorite solar car! 


The solar car competition is made up of two other competitions which include the fastest cars for speed and the best all around cars for craftsmanship, engineering and recycled materials.


The two fastest cars in our school’s race were “Short and Simple” (made by Logan Dickerson & Gideon Minieri) and “The E-Mail” (made by Michael Imiolek, Kyle Currais & Shaan Dave).


The two best all around cars, which tied for first place, are “The Imposter” (made by Rebecca Lubeck, Kaya Peng & Emily Wang) and “The Night Rider” (made by Ethan Chibwe, Advaith Busa, Aryaman Gupta and Dillon Jalota).


All four of these cars will advance to the solar car tri-county races this Friday in New Providence!


A special shout out goes to “Rock-to-Golf 3000” made by Aadya Bhushan and Sarah Zeng who placed third in the best overall car!!


Way to go student engineers!!




Crochet club will meet on Tuesday and Thursday for the next 2 weeks











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