FID Daily Lessons

 Good morning second graders! Please remember to open up ClassLink and complete the daily attendance form by 9:00AM every school day. Today is Day 1. You have Music today. Please visit that teacher's webpage for your assignment.


The following is from Dr. Kline:

I have Reach Enrichment Daily Challenges for grades 1 through 5.  It is open for all students, and they can try challenges for any grade level.  If you are looking for something extra and fun, try these challenges!
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You will find your assignments for today below.  You don't have to turn anything in to me except your video.  
Please read the following document for information about maintaining your child's skills over the summer.

Class / Course

Assignment Details 

Link(s) / Resource(s)***

Expected Time to Complete Assignment



 20 minutes



 Read a book of your choice and then complete an activity on your choice board.

40 minutes


 Send me back a video after watching this.  Click on the link for the video.


20 minutes 


Spend your time either in My Path or playing the math games in iReady.

20 minutes 

Science or 

Social Studies 

Go to Brain Pop Jr. for your lesson.

20 minutes